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We help you simplify Programmatic Complexity

Adnami Macro
a DFP tag manager

Feel the flexibility and power of DFP with a real tag manager for DFP. Publishers face continuous issues of ongoing software updates across the infrastructure. Our tag manager gives publishers the ease of launching new placements and high impact formats without involving webmasters.


  • Speed: Implementation friendly
  • Agility: No tech ressources needed for updates
  • Robust: Performance optimized load


  • Desktop, mobile, app, video, native
  • Completely tech agnostic
  • Adserver, Analytics, GTM, DMP

High impact skins certified for DFP & DBM

Grow your programmatic revenues with High Impact formats. Remove the hassle of selling and delivering programmatic high impact formats.

Adnami gives publishers the ease of direct integrations from DFP to DBM for high impact formats. We use our properytary and unique technology to efficiently deliver the campaigns – with no use of additional SSP or similar infrastructure layer.

  • Performance optimized load with no additional SSP tag
  • Hosting anywhere – tracking everywhere
  • Agile and flexible for both seller and buyer

DFP Specialists
by Adnami

We are simplifying the DFP experience for publishers. With our customizable solutions we help publishers getting the most out of DFP. We offer complete implementation optimized for programmatic infrastructure. Benefit from our unique high impact solutions and grow your deal revenue streams.


DBM Specialists
by Adnami

DoubleClick Bid Manager | DoubleClick Studio | DoubleClick Campaign Manager

We are simplifying the DBM experience for buyers with our customizable solutions we help buyers getting the most out of the Google stack: Bid Manager, Studio and Campaign Manager. We offer complete implementation optimized for the Google programmatic infrastructure. Benefit from our unique insights and software - and improve your programmatic campaigns.


How can you improve your results?

The programmatic ecosystem is mind-bogglingly complex

But programmatic advertising doesn’t have to be as confusing as many have made it out to be over the last couple of years. Right now, no company provides a single integrated solution addressing all the programmatic needs of a big brand, publisher or media providers. With Adnami you will get a strategic partner to manage and orchestrate your programmatic tech stack into a more customized solution that enhance your outcome.


Programmatic (ad tech), what?

The first step to leveraging programmatic (ad tech) is understanding exactly what it is? Programmatic Advertising technology (ad tech) is a loose term referring to all technology software and tools that enabling the buying, management, targeting or measurement of digital advertising with use of programmatic methods.

About Adnami

We’re a Nordic programmatic specialist company with core competencies in the fast moving advertising ecosystem. We advice businesses how to improve customer engagement, yield optimising and increase workforce efficiency through customised programmatic solutions.

Our clients – publishers, agencies, brands, and tech providers – have grown revenue, created business opportunities and increased operational effectiveness and efficiency as a direct result of working with our team.

We successfully build trust and open relationships with our clients, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.


Why Adnami?

We understand

As a knowledgeable and objective industry leader we can help you see things more clearly.

Having worked with hundreds of leading-edge publishers, agencies and brands, we understand the business, the industry, and current and emerging challenges in the programmatic advertising industry.

We customise

The technology powering the world of digital advertising is more fragmented than ever.

Together with you we will identify, prioritize, and simplify your programmatic platforms into a customized solution that will give you a more effective approach quickly improving your results and workforce.

We improve

We empower you with advanced and customized technology to measure and optimize performance.

We implement a solutions to improve campaign and inventory performance, enhance pacing, and discover new revenue opportunities followed by a customized programmatic solution.

You should consider

Without guidance, you can waste precious time and money going down the wrong path.

Why not benefit from a seamless migration of your system and rapid deployment of your programmatic solution.

How we can help

Customize your DFP adserver and enhance your outcome

With an in-depth understanding of process optimization and platform migrations, we simplify how publishers and media providers can customise applications, to create business opportunities and increase operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Create engaging experiences with Adnami High Impact suite

Adnami offer a wide broad suite of High-Impact and Rich Media brand formats delivering amazing and engaging, data-driven, ad experiences across all multiple screens to meet the varied objectives required in todays digital and programmatic advertising space.

Get maximum attention with the Adnami Video suite

The various tools available through the Adnami Video Suite empower digital publishers,Media Providers and agencies with endless capabilities to produce in-stream and interactive ads that are more engaging and relevant for consumers.

Beyond technology

Since the beginning, Adnami has combined technology with talent and human inventiveness.

We believe that people, knowledge and technology are the combination we need, to create a better ad industry.

We are born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark - out of our ongoing frustration with the current state of programmatic options.

Our values

People, first

We value every member of our team and do everything we can to ensure that they continue to grow, progress and develop their skills further.

Clear Commercial

We are here to make you money, save you money or save you time. We work with complete fee transparency and we always work with a can-do-attitude.

Challenge the Impossible

We aim for the impossible, challenge the status quo and enjoy endless growth opportunities together with our clients every single day.

No Excuses

We always do what we say we are going to do. We aim to deliver excellence and simplicity, every time, and we're always here for you when needed.

What our clients says

“ Adnami has been an essential partner in helping Concept navigate the programmatic ecosystem. Through our partnership with Adnami, we've developed in-house expertise on advertising technology and greatly accelerated our adoption of better platforms and programmatic tools. ”

— Jens Holm, CEO and Partner -

How to get started

It’s easy to get lost in the world of programmatic software. It’s hard to get started, and we get that. It’s a jungle of information and not all of it makes sense

To make matters worse, there are only a handful of people that truly understand all the moving parts, and can cut through the noise.

Drop us a request, and our programmatic experts will get back to you to take it further.

Get a free consultation

Contact us for a free consultation.

Our management team

David Borring

V: +45 2238 0000

V: +45 2238 0000


Managing Partner and Co-founder

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in programmatic advertising and a well known keynote speaker in the Nordic advertising industry, David is keenly sought as a confident and trusted advisor that understand both the strategic and operational level.

David holds more than 13 years experience in the digital advertising industry with a proven track record of improving profitability, efficiency and quality.

David has co-founded and invested in several succesfull businesses in the digital advertising industry and know current and emerging challenges in the industry very well.

Lars Enevold

V: +45 2029 1245

V: +45 2029 1245


CTO and Co-founder

Drawing on over 12 years of problem-solving experience, Lars have learned the value of customising extremely complex services to meet evolving industry needs in order to add value to operation efficiency and create opportunities and results, even in the most challenging situations.

Lars is considered a guru in the field of customizing programmatic code into scalable and more integrated solutions for publishers, media providers and agencies.

Lars is super structured and overall responsible for all development and leads the development, design and data science departments in Adnami.